Available Villas
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Playa Vista : 5 Bed

Faro Park : 2 Bed

Faro Park : 3 Bed

Faro Park : 4 Bed

Finnesterre : 3 Bed

Los Calamares : 3 Bed

Marina Rubicon : 3 Bed

Villas Mareta : 2 Bed

Vista Lobos : 4 Bed

Femes : 6 Bed

Fincas Crucita : 2 Bed

Fincas Crucita : 3 Bed

Fincas Crucita : 21 Bed

Guime : 1 Bed

Guime : 4 Bed

Guime : 5 Bed

Los Altos : 4 Bed

Los Chalets : 3 Bed

Los Claveles : 3 Bed

Montana Roja : 3 Bed

Oasis de Nazaret : 3 Bed

Oasis de Nazaret : 4 Bed

Papagayo : 2 Bed

Papagayo : 3 Bed

Parque Del Rey : 2 Bed

Parque Del Rey : 4 Bed

Playa Flamingo : 2 Bed

Tias : 3 Bed

Alegranza : 2 Bed

Alegranza : 3 Bed

La Graciosa Island : 1 Bed

La Graciosa Island : 2 Bed

About La Graciosa

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Graciosa Island (More commonly known "La Graciosa", Spanish for graceful), is a small island, part of the "Chinijo Archipelago", located 2km north east of Lanzarote beyond the Strait of Ro. The village of "Caleto del Sebo" is in the south eastern part of the island with small houses and appartments encircling the harbour area which has two piers and a yacht area in the bay. The population of the island is a mere 700 and like other parts of the canaries, tourism is the main industry along with fishing. Every year, tourists flock to the island for its tempered climate and its sandy volcanic coasts. The island has a school, lyceum, post office, supermarkets, a bank, port, beaches, bar-restaurants and a square where bicycles can be hired ("The Plaza"). The Streets and roads on La Graciosa are unpaved sand and locals ("Gracioseras"), can often be seen early each morning sweeping the streets smooth of the previous night's footprints. Motor vehicles are strictly prohibited and limited to a handful of licensed vehicles for special purposes. The few cars (or more likely old land-rovers as these account for 70% of the vehicles on the island), generally have to be shipped to Lanzarote for repair although some are maintained by local serviceman. Access to the Island is via a 20 minute ferry crossing from Orzola in the north of Lanzarote to the harbour in the village. View Ferry Crossing Timetable and Pricing

One of our Lanzarote Villa Owners, has appartments on La Graciosa in the main settlement of Caleta Del Sebo. The appartments are listed on this website as (Casa Nely 1 ; Casa Nely 2 ; and Casa Nely 3 as the individual appartments (a 1 bed and a 2 bed) are connected via a locked door that if left open so they can be used as a 3 bed appartment. The rest of this page is devoted to a series of pictures that capture the unspoilt and beautiful La Graciosa, but if you fancy staying here for your holiday, prices start from as little as 160 if you want a 4 day short break in the 1 bedroom appartment. To hire any combination of these appartments, speak to John as he will be happy to advise and remember, if you are staying in Lanzarote with us and looking for a short break here, we may be able to help you avoid paying accomodation twice.

Map of Lanzarote, showing Tourist attractions and the Location of La Graciosa
La Graciosa as seen from the Mirador Del Rio on Lanzarote
La Graciosa Seen from the North side of Lanzarote - Caleta del Sebo is to the Right
Aeria view of the La Graciosa Harbour
The Lneas Martimas Romero Ferry - 20 minute crossing
Lanzarote Beach, La Graciosa
Another view of the Island with Caleta del Sebo bottom left