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Playa Vista : 5 Bed

Faro Park : 2 Bed

Faro Park : 3 Bed

Faro Park : 4 Bed

Marina Rubicon : 2 Bed

Marina Rubicon : 3 Bed

Vista Lobos : 4 Bed

Castromar : 3 Bed

Femes : 6 Bed

Fincas Crucita : 2 Bed

Fincas Crucita : 3 Bed

Fincas Crucita : 21 Bed

Guime : 1 Bed

Guime : 5 Bed

Los Altos : 4 Bed

Los Chalets : 3 Bed

Los Claveles : 3 Bed

Montana Roja : 3 Bed

Oasis de Nazaret : 4 Bed

Papagayo : 2 Bed

Papagayo : 3 Bed

Parque Del Rey : 2 Bed

Playa Flamingo : 2 Bed

Tias : 3 Bed

Alegranza : 2 Bed

Alegranza : 3 Bed

Finca Guime

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Located on the outskirts of Guime and perfectly located if you want to get both that rural canarian lifestyle, yet be within a short drive of the main resort of Puerto Del Carmen, we have Finca Guime. This Villa has an central open-planned theme set on three levels. The main entrance leads to a spacious Kitchen / Diner. The Master bedroom is located on a wooden upper level and there is a smart lounge located on a lower level, in which a second bed can be placed if necessary. Finca Guime can sleep up to three people comfortably and like Fincas La Crucita (same owner) the price is fixed in euros at 560 Euros per week all year round (450 @ 1.25 to the 1 / 402 at 1.4 to the 1). To hire this villa call John or email us from the link above.

External View of Finca Guime
Entrance leading to Finca Guime
Courtyard view of Finca Guime
Lower Level Lounge Area - Taken from Kitchen
Lower Level Lounge Area - Taken from Hall Entrance
View of Kitchen / Diner - Taken from Lower Level Lounge
View from Hall
View from Entrance, showing Master Bedroom on upper level
View from Kitchen
Master Bedroom - Close up
Another View of the Lower Level Lounge