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Playa Vista : 5 Bed

Faro Park : 2 Bed

Faro Park : 3 Bed

Faro Park : 4 Bed

Finnesterre : 3 Bed

Los Calamares : 3 Bed

Marina Rubicon : 3 Bed

Villas Mareta : 2 Bed

Vista Lobos : 4 Bed

Femes : 6 Bed

Fincas Crucita : 2 Bed

Fincas Crucita : 3 Bed

Fincas Crucita : 21 Bed

Guime : 1 Bed

Guime : 4 Bed

Guime : 5 Bed

Los Altos : 4 Bed

Los Chalets : 3 Bed

Los Claveles : 3 Bed

Montana Roja : 3 Bed

Oasis de Nazaret : 3 Bed

Oasis de Nazaret : 4 Bed

Papagayo : 2 Bed

Papagayo : 3 Bed

Parque Del Rey : 2 Bed

Parque Del Rey : 4 Bed

Playa Flamingo : 2 Bed

Tias : 3 Bed

Alegranza : 2 Bed

Alegranza : 3 Bed

La Graciosa Island : 1 Bed

La Graciosa Island : 2 Bed

Casa Preciosa

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Ocean Front Villa located on the Finnestere Development by the Pechiguera Lighthouse in Playa Blanca, Casa Preciosa comprise 3 Bedrooms (1 Double and 2 Twins) and sleeps 6 comfortably in fantasic surroundings with the best sea views there are to offer in this area. The villa has 2 Bathrooms, a fully fitted kitchen, Large 12m x 4m Heated Private Pool and Terrace with sea front al-fresco room. There is a BBQ and ample seating both inside and outside the villa which benefits from having TV with both UK Terrestial and Sky Channels. Like all of our villas, it is furnished to the very highest standard and welcomes young children & babies. From 650 GBP per week (based on 2 people sharing in Low Season), to 1,200 GBP (Six sharing in Peak Season), this villa can be hired by calling John or emailing us.

View across the pool towards the Villa
View towards Sea
12m x 4m private heated pool
Terrace to side of Pool
Terrace to side of Pool
Garden Al-Fresco Room
Garden Al-Fresco Room
View towards Sea from Garden Al-Fresco Room
View from Coastal Promenade
Garden beside coastal promenade
A view of the Lounge
Another view of the Lounge
View of the Kitchen
Another View of the Kitchen
Another View of Hallway
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 3
Drive / Garage
Drive / Garage
View of Bathroom
View of Bathroom
View of Bathroom