Available Villas
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Playa Vista : 5 Bed

Faro Park : 2 Bed

Faro Park : 3 Bed

Faro Park : 4 Bed

Marina Rubicon : 2 Bed

Marina Rubicon : 3 Bed

Vista Lobos : 4 Bed

Castromar : 3 Bed

Femes : 6 Bed

Fincas Crucita : 2 Bed

Fincas Crucita : 3 Bed

Fincas Crucita : 21 Bed

Guime : 1 Bed

Guime : 5 Bed

Los Altos : 4 Bed

Los Chalets : 3 Bed

Los Claveles : 3 Bed

Montana Roja : 3 Bed

Oasis de Nazaret : 4 Bed

Papagayo : 2 Bed

Papagayo : 3 Bed

Parque Del Rey : 2 Bed

Playa Flamingo : 2 Bed

Tias : 3 Bed

Alegranza : 2 Bed

Alegranza : 3 Bed

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The “Lanzarote Villa Owners Club” is made up of independent villa owners and administered centrally by one of the owners (as John is the owner of “Villa Rochelle”).

As an owner, you will want to advertise your property or properties as widely as possible, but, at the same time, you will want to minimise your costs and get the balance correct, between sites that charge you a fixed fee to advertise and ones that charge you a commission if and when they get you a booking. This site falls into the latter category, charging you a commission if and when it gets you a booking.

The principal difference is that as a member/owner, YOU CAN EARN COMMISSION as well as pay it. We often get frustrated when, as owners, we get enquiries, only to find out that the period requested is booked already. If this happens to you next time, why not contact the enquirer and tell them you are a member of a villa owners club and explain that if you pass on their enquiry, we will look across the goup to see if another member has availability in a similar property.

If such ‘leads’ are converted to successful bookings elsewhere, then YOU GET 50% of the commission, for doing little more than contacting the enquirer and passing on the lead.

No-one is going to get rich on the commission they earn, but it will reduce your overall costs (eg if you pay commission another time or if you pay for adverts elsewhere). So, no matter how successful you are at marketing our property and even if we never get you a booking, the villa club can and will work for you.

So what does it cost to join ? - It costs absolutely nothing to join the club or to have properties featured on this site, not now or in the future, regardless of how successful this site becomes and we are working very hard to get this site recognised in Google and other search engine rankings !

So how do we generate funds for the club and what do we do with it ? - The owners club generates its funds by obtaining commission on bookings. However, the commission rate charged is relatively low (at 10%) when compared to others and very often only half of this is retained centrally (as half is passed to another owner for the initial lead). The central funds are invested in the website (hosting, ownership of domains, development and maintenance of high quality coding), administration and advertising and for the occasional get together if and when the members meet the administrator for a drink in Lanzarote to discuss improvements as the owners will decide how the club and this website develops !

How else do we ‘work together’ ? - We aim to share information on good (and bad) builders, plumbers, electricians, pool and property cleaners and to share experiences on advertising on paid portals and in magazines etc etc, so that we all learn from each others mistakes ! ... and we also intend to use the club as a means of negotiating discounts as it is often possible to do things collectively at a lower rate (eg advertising).

Want more information ? - Use the “Email us to Join the Club” link above or if you'd prefer to discuss this over the phone, telephone John on 0121 744 8995 (Evenings or Weekends).

Villa Management (VM) - Please note - We are independant of the various Villa Management companies that look after the villas listed on this site.